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Slide Srl is engaged in the design and construction of water attractions also at an international level and this project is an example.

The Water Park

The project was born in an area adjacent to the beach in a West African country, Tunisia.
The building company and owner of the area had the need to exploit the tourist attraction not only at the hotel level. But also to keep their guests busy within their site with a water park that could be exploited by customers. We are talking about an area with an extension of 1 hectare.

water park project

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The water attractions present in the Water Park

We have created two front batteries of slides, the classic toboggans to be used also with inflatable boats, with a multi-track in the center that end their path in the pool. On the side, a space bowl with a fall into the pool and a free body loop with braking finish has been added where the youngest can unleash their desire for adrenaline.

space bowl multi-track waterslides
Multi-track slides and toboggans with arrival at the pool. On the side there is a space bowl and a free body loop

In the front part there is instead a battery of slides with lower heights where parents can go down even with the little ones in complete safety. Here, too, the classic free-body baby toboggans and baby kamikaze leave no doubts for fun.

kamikaze toboggan water slides
Free body baby toboggan water slides and baby kamikaze for children

Playground Castle, Spray Park and swimming pool

In the center, on the other hand, to give mothers greater control, we have inserted a lagoon where children can enjoy, always independently and safely, the fun of a Maxi Playground castle that occupies the entire area.

playground water games
Spray Park, water games for the whole family

And could not miss a colorful Spray Park near the Maxi castle where you can exchange fun at any time of the day.

spray park water games
Spray Park, water games for the whole family

Finally, users can also have fun inside a play pool with a free swim catching the waves of the nearby sea.

swimming pool playground
On the left you can see the swimming pool while in the center the Playground castle

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