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Slide Srl has become a supporting member of EWA – European WaterPark Association eV since 1 December 2023.

Who is EWA

EWA is an association representing the interests of European recreational swimming pools, spas and water parks. As well as suppliers and service providers in the leisure and water entertainment sector. A European network with over 250 leading companies in the sector, a community of professional interests.

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What is offered to members

European Waterpark Association (EWA) offers members not only a presence on the website, ut above all also up-to-date information, for example through the newsletter. The free sending of the EuroAmusement Professional association magazine, training courses, seminars and major events, which allow members (water parks and suppliers) to get to know each other personally and exchange information.

Upon request, supporting members also receive contact details of member water parks in digital format.

Our company is present on the association’s website with its own descriptive sheet of the services offered.
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European Waterpark Association e.V.

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