Baby Toboggan slide for water parks and swimming pools

Baby Toboggan water slide suitable for children

Baby Toboggan is a curvilinear traditional water slide that even children can enjoy in full safety.
The starting height is within 3 m, with variable development, a climbing ladder and launch platform in wood.
The supporting structures of the water slide are made of stainless steel or hot galvanized steel (coloring is possible).

baby toboggan water slides

Technical specifications

Diameter mm:
50 x 650 x 93 Ø

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Octopus article

One of the latest works carried out in 2022 by Slide Srl is located in Bucharest, Romania.
This water slide for children is the result of the request of one of our loyal customers who asked us for a slide suited to his needs.
We have therefore installed OCTOPUS, a game for the little ones where fun is intertwined with maximum safety.
Our motto as always is “Your fun is our passion”.

Article Octopus, slide for children
Octopus article

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