Renovation of waterslides, restoration of fiberglass water slides

Renovation of fiberglass water slides

Over time, water attractions also need maintenance.
Our waterslide renovation service allows the restoration of the fiberglass slide. Not only that, Slide Srl can also repaint the slides inside and out with a new color compared to the previous one.
A complete restyling of your structure.

renovation of fiberglass water slides

Request information on how to renovate your fiberglass slides, renew your water park with a small investment

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In the images below we present some phases in the process of restoring fiberglass slides. From sanding, to the chipping of the previous Gelcoat, to painting with a special gelcoat machine to repaint the slides inside and out with new and different colors with Reichhold norpol neopentyl gelcoat.

So if you are interested in giving new life to your slides, fill out the form and request technical advice. We will be happy to help you.

renovation of waterslides
restoration of water slides
renovation of waterslides
restoration of fiberglass water slides

Water slides, from design and installation to testing

If instead of renovating your waterslides you are interested in new water attractions, Slide can offer you advice in choosing new products. The company designs and creates waterslides to be installed in water parks, campsites, hotels and in public and private swimming pools. And it also takes care of the testing.
The wide range of products, divided into families, is able to satisfy every type of customer need. And also the fun of all users, from adults to children.

Visit the water slides section for more information, you will surely find the product you are looking for. There are also baby waterslides for the little ones and water games.

Slide Srl

Are you the owner of a water park, a campsite, or a hotel, a swimming pool, or an accommodation facility?
Do you want to restyle your old water attractions?
Buy new waterslides?
Or you don’t know what equipment to install?

Don’t worry.
Slide Srl can help you by offering you 360-degree consultancy thanks to the General Contractor service for your Aquapark.
Fill out the contact form and request personalized advice, we will be happy to help you.

Slide Srl

The term general contractor is usually used to indicate the figure chosen by the final client to optimize all construction processes. For further information you can click here.

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