Pirate Ship Water Playground for children

Pirate ship with water games and water slides

The pirate ship design replicates that of a real ship.
Slide can create a themed water playground dedicated to children. Every detail is taken care of to guarantee a realistic effect.
Scenography and theming are carried out according to the customer’s wishes.
And for the fun of children there are water games safe and fun.

pirate ship water playground with water games

Sprays, jets, buckets, water toys, and water cannons to challenge each other in water battles, water slides, and more.
Children can spend time with their friends in and around the ship.
These water games are very popular with children.

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Water Playground with water games for children

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Not only games for children but also water slides, from design to installation

Slide designs and manufactures water slides for water parks, resorts, tourism villages, hotels, and public and private swimming pools.
The range of products is vast and split into lines. It starts from free body water slides, adrenalin-rush water slides, closed section water slides with dinghy use, family and rafting water slides, and the iconic ones. All can meet the need for water entertainment of adults and children.
Last but not least, there are products dedicated exclusively to children such as baby water slides and water games.

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Slide Srl offers comprehensive consulting services thanks to its General Contractor status, this includes support from business plan to the plant testing.
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A water slide is a recreational equipment made of a fiberglass tube usually with a diameter of 80 cm. It is usually found in water parks, but not only.
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