Water Castle Playgrounds are children’s paradise

Water castles with water games, jets, sprays and water slides

Water Castles Water are children’s paradise. In fact, they feature water games of all kinds with water jets, splashes, water toys, and water slides for extreme fun.
The castle is built entirely in galvanized and painted steel. It can also be customized and themed to meet specific needs and the vision of the customer.

Water castles water playgrounds with water games
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A new trend for water fun

Water castles are a new trend for children’s water entertainment. They can play with water buckets, splashes, climb tracks, water slides, and more.
These water games are very popular with children.

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water castle water playgrounds with water games
Item S18A
water playgrounds with water games
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pirate island water castles
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pirate island water castle
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water playground with water games
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water castle
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Water Playground with water games for children

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Water slides, from design to installation and testing

Slide designs and manufactures water slides to be installed in water parks, tourism villages, hotels, and public and private swimming pools. It also handles testing.
It offers a wide range of products, split into lines, that can meet the water entertainment needs of children and adults.
For children there are products dedicated to them such as baby water slides and water games.

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Slide Srl offers comprehensive consulting services thanks to its General Contractor status. Visit the dedicated page for more information.

A water slide is a structure for leisure and recreation. It is a fiberglass tube of varying diameter, the most common being 800 mm. It is typically found in water parks but also on cruise ships. For more in-depth information you can click here.

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