Hydrotube 1400 closed section water slide

Hydrotube 1400 water slide: the water slide used with dinghies

The Hydrotube 1400 with closed section water slide meets the expectations of all types of users. It offers a wide range of continuous and varied speed combinations, with possible special effects, where the ride gets even more fun and full of thrills.
Matte, translucent, Black Hole or Dragon Slide versions are available.

Hydrotube 1400 water slide

Technical specifications

Diameter mm:
1400 Ø

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Hydrotube 1400 water slide. The view from below highlights the structure.
Hydrotube 1400 water slide
Hydrotube 1400 during installation
The launch

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The Hydrotube 1400 water slide shown here was made and installed by the company in June 2021.
It is located in Cesenatico.
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