Super Space Bowl for families with the use of dinghies

Super Space Bowl fun water slide

Super Space Bowl is a classic family water slide enjoyed using double or single manned dinghies.
It is one of the most popular and entertaining attractions.
It is a circular bowl-shaped slide where the user travels via an open or closed section at high speed.
The user goes all the way down the circular shape of the slide until reaching a downhill entrance. The user then has the feeling being sucked in when arriving in an open section at the end of the slide.

super space bowl waterslides

Technical specifications

Diameter mm:
1400 Ø

Diameter mm:
15000 Ø

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super space bowl waterslide
super space bowl

Family and rafting water slides with and without the use of dinghies

Also available from the same line and similar to Super Space Bowl is the Dual Space Bowl. This is a very popular attraction in water parks for single slides thus without dinghies.
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The range of products includes not just lines for family and rafting water slides, but also free-body, adrenalin rush, closed section and iconic water slides. There are also baby water slides and children water toys.

A water slide is a recreational equipment made of a fiberglass tube usually with a diameter of 80 cm. It is usually found in water parks, but not only.
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