Freefall Tunnel adrenaline slide for water parks

Adrenaline-rush Freefall Tunnel Water Slide. Over 9% slope

The Freefall Tunnel water slide is an open or closed tunnel with a slope of over 9%. It offers high speed thrilling rides where the user slides in a fas free-body run.
Due to its characteristics, this water slide is an adrenaline-rush one.

Freefall tunnel water slides

Technical specifications

Diameter mm:
820 Ø

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    Adrenaline-rush water slides

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    Slide offers a wide range of water slides for installation in water parks, tourism villages, resorts, hotels, and public and private swimming pools.
    The range of available products includes not only adrenalin-rush slides but also other lines such as the free-body ones, closed section with dinghy use, family and rafting, iconic ones, and more.

    A water slide is a recreational equipment made of a fiberglass tube usually with a diameter of 80 cm. It is usually found in water parks, but not only.
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