Hydrotube Slide 820 for water parks

Hydrotube Slide 820 Free-body

The Hydrotube 820 closed section water slide satisfies the need for a wide range of combinations, speed and special effects. This free-body water slide can be manufactured in various versions, matt, translucent, black hole, colored patterned or Freefall.

hydrotube water slide 820

Technical specifications

Diameter mm:
820 Ø

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Water slides design, implementation and installation

Slide can design and build water slides for installation in water parks and public and private swimming pools.
It also performs installation testing.
The wide range of products available can meet the customer’s needs but above all the needs of all water entertainment enthusiasts whether adults and children.
The slides can be used free body or with the use of dinghies while others are dedicated exclusively to children and water toys.

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There are plenty of lines: free-body, adrenaline rush, closed section with the use of dinghies, family and rafting, iconic, and more.

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The Hydroturbo 820 water slide is available in various models. Matt, translucent, black hole, in colored patterns or in Freefall version.
We can meet any customer’s need and any customization.
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