Water slides for water parks and swimming pools

Design and manufacturing of water slides

Slide can design and manufacture water slides to be installed in water parks and public and private swimming pools.
Water slides suitable to entertain children and adults alike.
We are a turnkey general contractor and we managed all the steps of the project, from business plan to installation testing.

What we offer to our customers
Our know-how, in Italy and abroad, allows us to offer a professional and complete service.
Thanks to our product knowledge, we can guide our customers to make the right product choices.
We have also a wide range of water slides available that can meet the need of every user, from adults to children.
Water slides to enjoy free-body or with the use of dinghies, and slides dedicated exclusively to children and water games.

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List of water slides

  1. Free-Body
  2. Adrenaline rush
  3. Closed section with the use of dinghies
  4. For families and rafting with the use of dinghies
  5. Iconic
  6. Baby water slides
  7. Water Playgrounds with water toys for kids

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Free-body Water Slides

Toboggan waterslide


Our water slides are available in various models. They are one of the most versatile attractions for water parks …

Medium toboggan

Medium Toboggan

It is a smaller version of a traditional Toboggan used by younger users and has the same …

multi-track water slides


Multi-track water slides are a classic. They feature multiple tracks that create a path …

hydrotube water slide


Closed-section water slide that creates a wide range of combinations, speeds and special effects …

Adrenaline rush water slides

kamikaze water slide


The Kamikaze water slide offers great thrills for free-body rides. The path …

Free-fall water slide


This slide is used either open or closed. It has a slope of more than 9% …

free-fall tunnel

Free-fall tunnel

Unlike a free-fall water slide here the user slides down a fast-paced, free-body …

wide slide

Wide Slide

This water slide allows enjoying slides both free-body and with a dinghy…

rocket loop

Rocket Loop Slide

Water slide consisting of a Loop slide and a trapdoor with pneumatic opening. The user…

Closed-section water slides with the use of dinghies

hydrotube 1400 water slide

Hydrotube 1400

A closed-section water slide that can meet the expectations of all types of users and offers …

no image

Vertigo Fun

This closed oval slide has been designed to bring excitement to a group of friends or families …

Family water slides and rafting with dinghies

water rafting slide 1400/2500

Rafting Slide 1400/2500

It is an open slide designed for users in pairs or individually to experience adrenaline-fueled descents …

water slides water roller coaster

Water Roller Coaster

These slides should not be missing in any water park. They are dedicated to the most daring and can be …

family slide

Family Slide

A water slide designed to offer adults and children the feeling of rafting along a river …

wave ride

Wave Ride

A water slide among the most extreme and fun. The crews embarking on two-seater dinghies…

hill slide

Hill Slide

These water slides simulate the various phases of the Boomerango having as the only difference…

dual space bowl

Dual Space Bowl

It is a classic for single slides and one of the most used and entertaining family attractions …

super space bowl waterslides

Super Space Bowl

These water slides are a family classic with use of double or single crewed dinghies…



Water slides shaped like a braid and with free-body paths. They are formed by a series of medium-sized tubes …

Iconic water slides



This Water Slide is fun as well as exciting. It has been designed for two-seater crews, the …

crazy cone

Crazy Cone

Water slides formed by one or more closed cones that can leave a side open, or closed, where …

Baby water slides

baby toboggan water slides

Baby Toboggan

Curved water slide that offers children excitement in full safety.
The height of the start …

baby wide

Baby Wide Slide

This water slide allows children to have fun riding down a slope that features waves …

baby kamikaze water slides

Baby Kamikaze

These are straight water slides that offer exciting free-body descents in full safety …

baby water slide hydrotube

Baby Hydrotube

A closed section water slide with variable patterns. It is available in different colors …

baby multislide

Baby Multislide

Water slides formed by multiple tracks that guarantee thrills in full safety even for children …

Water Playground water toys for kids

spray park water playground water toys

Spray Park

It is an alternative to the a traditional playground. Spray arches, water cannons, for battles …

water toys water castles playgrounds

Water Castles

We design castles according to your theme and full of water toys, splashes, water slides, to play …

pirate ship water playground water toys

Pirate Ship

The ultimate fun for kids. Water toys, splashes, water cannons and water slides on a …

Note: a water slide is a structure for leisure and recreation. It is a fiberglass tube of varying diameter, the most common being 800 mm. It is typically found in water parks but also on cruise ships. For a more in-depth information you can click here.

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