Wide Slide water slide is an adrenalin rush ride free body and with dinghies

Adrenaline-rush Wide Slide water slide with wave track

The Wide Slide allows enjoying thrilling rides both free body and with the help of a two-seater or individual dinghy. The track is two and a half meters wide with soft and wavy characteristics that allow riding long or medium runs.
Water slide for young and adult users.

wide slide water slide

Technical specifications

Diameter mm:
550 x 2000 Ø

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Adrenaline rush water slides

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The range of products available for water parks, resorts, tourism villages, swimming pools, and more is vast and includes not just adrenalin rush water slides. Other lines are also avalable: free-form, closed section with dinghies, family and rafting, iconic, and more.

A water slide is a recreational equipment made of a fiberglass tube usually with a diameter of 80 cm. It is usually found in water parks, but not only.
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