Swimming pools with Artificial Waves

Swimming pools with Waves for your water park

Slide Srl has been designing and manufacturing swimming pools with artificial waves for several years. These pools are often present in water parks, resorts, and tourism villages. They are of various sizes and shapes and the waves generated reach the shore.
A pool that is increasingly in demand as a water attraction.

Wave pool characteristics

Often they are trapezoidal in shape with a mouth opening like a fan on the longer base, reaching 41 meters in width. The length is about 50 meters with a maximum depth up to 2 meters reaching a depth of 30 cm on the shore.

The pool floor slope generally is no more than 8% to ensure the safety of swimmers when standing. Typically, the waves are generated in the narrower half, that is the deeper section of the pool. Thanks to the gradual rise of the pool floor, they first crest and then break gently in the lagoon.

Slide can build swimming pools with artificial waves according to specific customer’s needs. Moreover, it designs and manufactures themed settings such as rocky settings, waterfalls, water slides, caves, etc. often using artificial rocks.

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The various shapes of swimming pools with artificial waves

Usually the shape of a wave pool can vary in size, depending on the customer’s specifications. However, its traditional shape remains, for technical needs, the trapezoidal one while variations in detail at the base greater where the water is shallower.
There are various shapes, including circular ones where the waves are generated in the center of the pool. In any case, waves are always generated by a generator installed in the deepest section of the pool.
Wave pools are always trapezoidal fan-shaped with the addition of lagoons or small atolls placed to the side to break the waves.

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swimming pools with artificial waves

Wave generation

The wave generator systems are mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic.
In nature, waves are generated by the combined action of sea currents and winds, but in a wave pool in a water park, they are the end result of a game of pressure created by a specific system.

The pneumatic system is such that the thrust exerted in the water is achieved by way of air. A series of nozzles connected to a compression chamber located at the narrowest end of the pool and connected to it leads to the pneumatic bulkheads to open in an alternating pattern. These push out a volume of air generated by powerful fans sufficient to move outward the mass of water held in the chamber. In this way, a wave is created that can vary from 75 cm to 120 cm in height.
This system is certainly the most commonly used in the world.
A pneumatic system draws approximatley 5 kW of power for each square meter of pool to produce 90 cm high waves. If taller waves are desired, the consumption per square meter increases accordingly.

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Turnkey general contractor service

Slide is a turnkey general contractor offering a variety of services to the final customer.
The company builds water parks and everything related to them, handling each project from the business plan up to plant safety.

We guide our customers through the finalization of each project and we handle the research and supervision of all suppliers.
Therefore, our customers never have to be directly involved.

The company cooperates with the best theme design studios and has a full network of suppliers for pools, water slides, as well as water games.

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