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The project was born for the 2023 season in the Aquasplash Water Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro, one of the oldest water parks in Italy.
In fact, the park was born in the early 80s thanks to the entrepreneur Sergio Vacondio.

Aquasplash Lignano

Currently, available to users, there are water games on an area of over 35,000 square meters. In recent times the property has decided to renew the attractions, focusing on more modern and innovative water games.

super space bowl waterslides

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    The Water Park Project

    The intervention carried out by Slide Srl, made possible what was a goal of the client; convert the existing pool into an aquatic area where to place an attraction in place of the previous play area.

    super space bowl

    Hence the study and our proposal from our company, to create a Super Space Bowl inside the swimming pool, leaving the space surrounding the area free. Instead, take advantage of the internal area of the tub and insert the attraction at the same level as the floor.

    Super Space Bowl with dinghies

    The peculiarity of this Bowl with Inflatables comes from a complex calculation inside an existing swimming pool where reinforced concrete Baggioli were specially created, calculated by our technicians.
    The Bowl with rubber dinghies was placed on top of these concrete beams without creating a single platform which would have made the costs very impactful for the customer. Hence the decision to run this different and revolutionary water ride with a 1400 black hole tube in LRTM with light and texture effects. These effects make the waterslide pleasant and at the same time particular, blending in with the color of the existing palm trees.

    super space bowl
    Super space bowl
    1400 black hole LRTM hydrotube
    Hydrotube 1400 black hole in LRTM
    hydrotube slide 1400 black hole LRTM
    1400 black hole LRTM tube with light effects and textures

    The final part related by the 1400 tube sends the crew of the double dinghy into the pool where they arrive in a fun braking glide.

    super space bowl
    Super space bowl and swimming pool
    super space bowl

    Today we think that a Super Space Bowl with these peculiarities is not present in any water park in Italy, a reason that makes Slide proud.

    water park aquasplash lignano sabbiadoro

    We carried out this project thanks to our almost twenty years of experience in the sector of aquatic amusement, parks, waterslides, swimming pools and scenography.

    The waterslide is ready to use

    This new waterslide is ready to be used for the upcoming summer season where the Aquasplash Water Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro will be able to enjoy this novelty.
    Obviously this will make it more competitive in a market increasingly oriented towards continuous updates and investments.

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