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Slide Srl also designs and builds camping with all the services and attractions for fun aquatic of adults and children. Swimming pools, water slides, water games to have fun in joy and in safety.
Not only that, thanks to the general contractor it offers a turnkey service to the customer, from design to construction up to installation and testing of the structures.

The camping project

Over the years, the campsites have continued the transformation process that brought them from simple pitches with some swimming pools, to become your own open-air hotels. Now they offer more and more services, not only in terms of comfort, but also of water attractions.
In fact, they have nothing to envy to the water slides present in the parks.

camping design

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Pirate-themed water castle

We have designed a Pirate themed water castle with 4 departures suitable for the pool that the customer wanted, not too big but not too small either.

water playground pirate castle
The structure seen from above

The project was developed right from the start not only at the Masterplan level. In fact we have achieved also a render and a video in which the customer could see the essence of the project in his own together.

water castles water games for children
The water castle and the swimming pool seen from below

Water cannons and sprays

Here we have added a series of water cannons, various types of sprays, pirate sets above the castle.

pirate castle splashing water
Detail of the castle with water games and pirate sets

The support structures are all colored and can also be customized with different effects such as tree or bamboo.

pirate castle waterslides

In addition, within the campsites it is possible to create additional themed scenography’s using artificial rocks, thus creating very suggestive and particular settings.

pirate playground castle

If you don’t know what a rendering is or want to learn more about the topic, you can click here.

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