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In recent months, Slide has signed a contract for the supply of two new kamikaze water slides for the Aqualand water park in Vasto. The structure is located in the province of Chieti.

Aqualand del Vasto

It is the largest water park in the Central South.
There are 3,000 m2 of swimming pools, over 1 km of water slides and 50,000 m2 of green areas.
It is the right place for those seeking relaxation or a desire for fun with exciting water attractions suitable for the whole family.

aqualand del vasto seen from satellite

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What the Water Park looks like and our intervention

In the water park there are Mini Toboga, Kamikaze, Rafting Slide, Twister, a wave pool, and many other attractions intended for everyone, from the little ones to adults.
The kamikazes mentioned above are the subject of our intervention at the Aqualand del Vasto in the province of Chieti.
In this regard, in October 2023, Slide Srl closed a supply of 2 new Kamikaze slides.
The Park is also planning a series of renovations and new projects aimed at the world of the little ones but this will be the next topic to be developed in 2024/2025.

For now, Slide has committed to the production of these 2 LRTM kamikazes to replace the existing ones, which are now old; the time has come to change them due to structural age limits.

The new Kamikazes for Aqualand del Vasto

Our inspection carried out again in September, and our acquaintance with the property, made this assignment possible thanks also to our consolidated experience. We boast an almost twenty-year presence in the aquatic entertainment sector with the creation of theme parks, water slides, public and private swimming pools, themed scenography.

These 2 Kamikaze waterslides have 60 meter long channels plus a 23.81 meter dry out braking finish. They will be delivered in January 2024 and assembled immediately afterwards around February 2024 by our new team of expert assemblers.

kamikaze slides view
Slide overview

The colors chosen by the customer were accompanied by our 3D renders in order to help the customer in choosing the most appropriate color. An important decision also for the proximity to the existing waterslides that border the 2 Kamikazes.

3d render kamikaze slides
3D rendering: the slides seen from above
kamikaze route water park
The Kamikaze route inside the water park

The renderings are able to offer a global vision of the intervention.

vasto's aqualand kamikaze slides
The Kamikaze seen as they appear to users

Thanks to the renderings, the customer is able to grasp a three-dimensional reality, better understand the intervention on its structure and how it integrates with the surrounding environment.

The Kamikazes are finished and delivered

And finally the day arrives when the kamikaze slides are delivered to the customer for testing before the 2024 summer season.

vasto's aqualand kamikaze slides
Kamikaze seen from above
kamikaze waterslides aqualand del vasto
The almost 24 meters of arrival in dry out braking
kamikaze aqualand water park
The dry out braking arrival
kamikaze aqualand of the vasto
Bottom view of the kamikazes

The testing of Kamikazes at Aqualand del Vasto

Two videos made during the testing of the slides.

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